Carpet Cleaning Windsor, Encapsulation chemistry is a method of cleaning best used for commercial carpet maintenance. The first step in effective cleaning carpet is to remove sticky soils from carpet fibers. The encapsulation method of cleaning surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes it so that it cannot attract other soils. The encapsulated (crystallized) particles then release from the carpet fiber making them easily extracted with normal vacuuming. Therefore, there is no dirt attracting residues left behind resulting in the carpet staying clean for a longer period of time.
Encapsulation cleaning also eliminates recurring spill stains and wicking (browning of the carpet fibers). Commercial carpets vary from residential in both the materials of the carpets as well as in the amount of traffic and staining they endure. Stains are abundant in a commercial setting these stains will tend to be pulled up through the carpet with a hot water extraction method (HWE). Thus due to the high volume of staining and soil attracting residue present in commercial settings the encapsulation carpet cleaning method is advantageous ensuring an incredibly bright and clean carpet.

1. Fast dry times- Typical dry times for encapsulation are less than 2 hours. This eliminates the slip and fall and re-soiling issues found with hot water extraction.
2. Money saving-when on a proper maintenance program your overall carpet cleaning costs will be lower and you business space will look amazing all year around.
3. Safety –Slip and fall accidents can be greatly reduced with proper safety signs, employee awareness, Quick dry times 6 hours faster than HWE (hot water extraction).
4. Whisper Quiet Operation- Imagine having a section of your office cleaned quietly without interrupting daily operations of your business. This option is not available with a truck mount roaring in the background.
5. No more Security issues- Unlike carpet cleaners who are “chained” to their truck mount we can offer the security option of cleaning with the account’s doors shut and locked.