Do I need Carpet Protector?
Windsor, when your carpet was manufactured there were two levels of protection. First an acid dye blocker is added to lock in the color of the dye. This clear dye fills empty areas of each carpet fiber. Second a product called a Fluorochemical with trade names like 3M Scotchguard, DuPont Teflon or Bridge points MAXIM. This product forms a protective layer on top of acid block layer that resists dry soils. The more dry soils are repelled they have a better chance of being picked up with you regular vacuuming.
However, it is inevitable that some of the pollutants and soils will begin to stick to the fibers. After the boding process has started the protective layer is sanded away with foot traffic. If left too long between cleanings traffic areas will breakdown the very fibers of the yarn. Once these are damaged they will never look the same.
Wait what can you do ? Not to worry Elements carpet cleaning Windsor can help. First hire a reputable company to clean your carpets . Some companies use High alkaline products that will leave your carpets looking clean but, in far worse condition than before they arrived. In a few weeks you will notice rapid re-soiling and further damage to the fibers.
Once your carpets are fully cleaned of sticky soils and pollutants and full rinsed. Elements will re apply the Fluorochemical product to your carpet this will give you back the protection against permanent staining and soils damaging fibers. This will keep your carpet looking great for many years down the road.

+Robert Russell