Commercial Carpet Cleaning Windsor, A clean well maintained carpet can offer your business a bright, updated and cleanly atmosphere. A clean carpet can also improve the air quality reducing pathogens such as mold, mites and bacteria. It is a common misconception that carpets are uncleanly, this misconception speaks to poorly maintained carpets full of dampness and pathogens resulting in mold spores. This is a recipe for illness to the persons exposed, employees and customers alike. Illness in the workplace costs businesses money, bottom line. Statics Canada Census confirms employee sickness costs business` money. For a fraction of the cost of not cleaning your carpets, have them cleaned and reap the many rewards!

When carpets are cleaned the varying allergens, molds and bacteria are disinfected, steamed rinsed and removed. A professional is armed with the knowledge, experience and equipment that will penetrate the superficial layers and ensure the cleaning happens deep within the fibers of the carpet. Just as important as the cleaning is the extraction capability of the equipment used by the restoration technician, if the carpets are left with a significant amount of water due to lack of extraction power they are subject to significant mold and mildew.
Ensuring the carpets in your business are clean and well maintained communicates to potential customers your commitment to detailed customer service, no matter what class of business. A cleanly work environment offers maximized revenues by ensuring the health and wellness of employees.

Bob Russell
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